About US

Who is Hopingo?

HopIn is a ride share app designed to connect people through the power of inclusion. HopIn is committed to providing rides to everyone regardless of their zip code or economic status. We want your experience with us to be both an enjoyable one and most importantly a safe one. What started as a way of helping people move around from Point A to Point B, has become the illuminating force behind connecting each other with one of the most valued aspects of life itself the human experience. 

The Human Factor

As we work with our communities to improve the ride share experience, we are committed to continued human interaction. The future is a beautiful thing to look forward to, however, we cannot afford to eliminate the most important area of this industry that being women and men behind the wheel. HopIn will continue to provide human interaction for our riders even when others feel the need to explore self-driving options. 

Driven to make safety first

It is important to us that our riders and drivers are always safe. Through the aid of technology, we have implemented such measures to help keep you safe. The SOS feature will allow you the option to notify up to three people of your choice to alert them of your location, driver, and car details with the press of a button. This we feel will help keep you safe, but it will also allow for a piece of mind as you enjoy your ride.